What is IQU2


IQU2 is a collaboration platform to help individuals and teams turn their ideas into businesses, social ventures, outcomes and impacts through the IQU2 Idea Architecture.

Our Focus

IQU2 exists to provide greater opportunities to motivated individuals and teams of people from around the world so that they can identify, pursue and implement creative and effective business ideas and social innovations.

IQU2 is particularly focused on reaching individuals and groups that face the greatest obstacles in accessing education, mentorship and financial support in order to put their ideas into action. While there are many people around the world that have limited access to education and mentorship, IQU2 is particularly focused on creating opportunities for young women, aboriginals and the GLBT community.

What is Idea Architecture?

IQU2 helps people from around the world build a project from its early stages as an idea through to later stages of implementation and execution. IQU2 provides collaborative spaces for innovation, assisted by mentors and experts who provide advice and support, supported by education and training modules and simulations.

A key element of the IQU2 Idea Architecture are the partnerships it creates with internationally recognised universities, mentors and experts. It is these partnerships, mentor relationships, expert advice and educational resources that IQU2 uses to help people develop or execute on creative and innovation ideas so that they can build the foundation and and find the best strategies to transform their ideas into successful businesses, products and innovative social ventures.

The main streams of IQU2’s Idea Architecture are:

IQU2 Connect, IQUPods, and IQUniversity.


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